A love of nature and geology starts a new career.

After retiring from my first career, teaching math, I just couldn't decide on a second career. I was too young to just sit around, but nothing really inspired me the way teaching did. I really enjoyed being outdoors and liked learning about the geological history of Montana, so I started rock hounding as a hobby that would get me outside and up in the mountains. A relative, who owns a jewelry store suggested I learn how to facet gemstones and grind cabochons. From day one I was hooked. Pretty soon I was spending most of my time in the shop making jewelry. Between making custom orders for the jewelry store, and selling pieces locally, it didn't take long to realize that I had found my new career. As my brother in-law said, "It was a hobby that just got so out of hand that you had make a business out of it!"

While I try my hand at many styles, my heart is truly in making traditional western style pieces. When I was a little fellow I remember that all my heroes were the old cowboys who lived in the many small Montana towns that I grew up in. All those fellows had one clean white shirt that they wore to town on Saturday night and then again to church on Sunday morning. I well remember that almost all of them wore a Montana Agate Bolo Tie. I thought they were the best dressed Cowboys I had ever seen and I wanted to be just like them! Every time I make a Bolo Tie, it brings back all those good memories! Living in north central Montana, it is just easy to be inspired when making a western belt buckle or a bolo tie!

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